As most of us are aware of, 7-Eleven is the largest chain and a premier name in the convenience retailing industry. They operate in 17 countries with more than 66,000 stores. In North America alone, they have around 11,800 stores. This largest chain of stores in the convenience retailing is now set to provide its customers with a more convenient and faster mode of making payments using their smartphones or smartwatches.

When Apple’s Q3 results were released in July, Tim Cook has given indications that Apple Pay would soon be the preferred mode of payment for many across the nation. Now, it is official that in most of the 7-Eleven stores across the United States, customers will be able to use Apple Pay by this month end.

Talking about this new payment method, the CDO and CIO of 7-Eleven, Gurmeet Singh said, “Frictionless experiences are the future, and digital payments are key to such experiences. Consumers prefer shopping at retailers that offer digital payment capabilities. The ability to pay with their smart device gives consumers one more reason to shop at 7-Eleven. The goal is to adopt consumer-facing technology to enhance the customer experiences.”

Apple Pay is a secure and easy way to make payments as Apple is known to consider security and privacy as its highest priority. When paying through Apple Pay, a unique Device Account Number is assigned, which is encrypted and stored securely on your device. To authorize any transaction, the customer gets a unique dynamic security code each time. This eliminates the need for storing the credit or debit card numbers either on a device or the Apple servers making the transactions extremely safe.

Google Pay is again known for contactless payments bringing together all that is required at checkout. At the same time, they keep all your information completely safe and secure. It lets you check out so many apps that you need regularly without the need of entering your payment information. This makes life simple and convenient with your payment information completely safe and secure.


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