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A tribal man from Moroda village, Odisha carried his parent on his shoulders to prove himself not guilty in the eyes of his old parents before they pass away. In a move to seek justice for an alleged fake case against him, an Odisha man named Kartik Singh carries his old parents on his shoulders. He walked for about forty kilometres.

Kartik Singh belongs to Moroda village in Odisha’s district of Mayurbhanj. Back in 2009, Kartik a FIR was lodged against him by Moroda police. He claims that Moroda police lodged a fake FIR against him and locked him up for eighteen days in 2009. As a consequence, he was declared outcast by the villagers.

Singh is an educated person but can’t get a job or even get married as the case that was registered 6-7 years back is still running on the court. Kartik said I have no source of income or money in hand as none of the villagers are willing to give me work. Adding to this, Kartik cannot move outside because he has old parents to look after back home.

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Talking about such cases, Advocate Marandi said, Moroda police have a track record of doing such things, and the result is faced by innocent people like Kartik. He also added, Kartik even asked the district collector for a job, as the society has abandoned him, but received no response.

Social activist and Advocate Kumar Patra added, “The state and the Central government have several schemes for the improvement of the socially and financially backward classes, but everything is out of his reach, and the Government representatives or political parties have not noticed anything,”

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