It’s indeed a great news for all the VR gaming fans as Oculus VR is planning to launch a new game, Marvel Powers United VR. As the title suggests, this game will feature a bunch of Marvel heroes as the characters in the game.

This game is developed by Sanzaru Games and is funded by the famous VR Gaming Company Oculus. The retail package of $399 will consist of a free copy of the game, two touch controllers, and a Rift headset.  This will give a head start to the users who wish to figure out the game first.

Under Oculus’ in-house division, a multiplayer Rift-exclusive will be sold for $39.99 in the market. The price is reasonable as Oculus’s headset costs nearly the same price as this game. This game will give you a great VR experience with its multiplayer co-op play. One can also experience single-player mode which follows a story-driven mission which is slowing gaining popularity in the gaming world these days.

The amazing character line-up of the game has been revealed today and all our favorite heroes are a part of it; Captain America, Spider-man, Wolverine, the hulk, storm, Rocket Raccoon, Thor, Gamora, Doctor Strange, and Black Widow are a few characters. The game features 18 different Marvel characters as its heroes and has 9 Villains from the same Marvel family.

 The trailer of the game has been released and it speaks a lot about the features and concept of the game. The game will be released in the last week of July and Marvel fans are already excited about the game.

This marvel game will let you team up with your friends and will indeed make you feel like the superheroes. The main concept of the game is to defend objectives around the map and defeat the villains. Every character will be given a superpower they can use at any point of the game.

One can pre-order the game for $39.9 at the Oculus website. A downloadable version of the game comes for free with the bundle, otherwise costing $40. People who are planning to buy the Bundle can visit major retailers around the world on July 31.


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