nuance swype keyboard

Nuance is set to abandon its much-touted ‘Swype’ keyboard app. Of all the popular keyboard apps, ‘Swype’ has been a significant choice among smartphone users. It has been ensuring a fast typing experience to its customers.

However, it is not new that third parties have already been flooding up the iOS and Android ecosystem, which indirectly facilitates the availability of better apps for fast typing experience and uninterrupted quick searches and GIFs. Swype has gone a step ahead to grab the helm of a pioneer by the swipe-gestures application present in mobile keyboard apps and voice typing feature.

It is no surprise that Nuance has established a firm position among its market rivals and is immensely popular with its ‘Swype’ keyboard app.

Nuance bought the app seven years ago and enjoyed the craze that customers had for it. This feature is still one of the primary choices for its users. However, one need not worry as there are a number of alternatives to this strategic shift taken by Nuance Communications. It still remains a matter of conflict as many users consider Swype as the fastest and more efficient among others.

Along with the above mentioned change, Nuance Communications has also halted the Dragon dictation of Swype for Android. However, customers still need to bear that smile longer as Google Play Store is still offering considerable alternatives via ‘Gboard’, ‘Fleksy’ and ‘SwiftKey’ along with Apple QuickType for iOS users.

Nuance Communications now rather chooses to entitle its focus on offering AI solutions to businesses, eliminating any further scope of dealing in direct-to-consumer market.


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