In a recent addition towards making the experience more convenient, Twitter now allows the users to schedule a tweet from its web app. You can also opt to save it as a draft. So, when you compose in the window, a small calendar icon will appear on the bottom of the window. Click on the Calendar icon and then specify the time and date when you want your drafted tweet to be tweeted.

Twitter has been experimenting with this feature for quite some time now. This feature is available on Tweetdeck along with other third-party services, which supported scheduling.

Now, let’s take a look at how to save the tweets as drafts on the app. Just open up the window and start typing a new tweet. It can be anything now click on the “Cancel” icon on the top left. Then a window would pop up and ask whether you want to delete the written content completely or save it as a draft to be revisited later.

Next up is how to retrieve the same. Now when you would try to write a new tweet, you will see a “drafts” icon on the top right next to “Tweet.” Click on the “drafts,” and you will be able to view and edit your tweets previously saved as drafts. Now you can complete the Tweet or save it as a draft again. This feature is convenient as often we have incomplete thoughts, and saving them is a better option than publishing a not so fine work of words.

But the catch here is that the tweets saved as drafts on the web app will only be visible there and not on your mobile Twitter App. Drafts were written on mobile won’t sync with the ones on the web app.

Twitter also released a video guide showcasing how one can draft and schedule a tweet. Currently, the feature is not available to all. Twitter has selected a few users as of now. Still, we are hopeful that soon enough, this feature will be made available globally and who knows Twitter might bring it to its mobile apps with better synchronization.


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