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Now the Network of Self-Service Kiosks Will Allow Public to Pay Bills and Make Purchases in Crypto

Good news for Crypto Lovers! A company that deals in blockchain recently revealed its plans to pan out a worldwide network of self-service kiosks, which gives access to millions of people around the world to make bill payments, purchases, and conduct additional financial services through the kiosks.

The company KIBIS claimed that plenty of financial services are available in the kiosks deployed by them. Additionally, consumers will now be able to make payments for gas, electricity, water, book air tickets, check flight information, subscribe to services like Netflix and Amazon Prime and also purchase prepaid vouchers for themselves.

Currently, the customers can make the payment through cash and cryptocurrencies. This option is available only in those countries that have permitted the company to start its operation. The company is planning to add more methods of payment in some time.

This new and innovative platform has already partnered with hundreds of network service providers, which enables smartphone users to recharge their number whenever required. In an attempt to make cryptocurrencies a necessary option for payment, the company is encouraging the customers to invest in gift cards for crypto-based exchanges.

They are setting up an extensive network of blockchain to process smooth transactions with an option of e-wallet payment network. They are also planning to expand their network by creating a side chain that will connect to the Ethereum main net.

As of now, self-service kiosks can be found in countries like the UAE, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Russian, Azerbaijan and other countries spread across the Eastern part of Europe. These machines will definitely gain benefit from the new mining equipment that is supposed to be installed soon.

Key Kiosk Developments as per KIBIS

On December 10, 2018, the public presale will begin full-fledgedly and this will be followed by an ICO aka Initial Coin offering. The company is planning to launch a mining pool whose development work will shortly begin on the company’s blockchain-based payment platform for users worldwide.