Facebook, is one of the most established, famous and a vital platform which has had a major hand in contributing towards the growth of Social media. Along with fun and recreation, Facebook has created an impactful revolution on the side of digital marketing; in fact, most start-ups which work on digital marketing vertical have added a significant tab called Facebook marketing in their business and operations. The very economical icon of digital media has driven the world into shock.

Just a few hours ago, like always, Facebook was rocking and everything was smooth with it. But it is not the same now. Facebook has seen a very serious disaster related to its performance in stock market. In the history of the United States Stock market, the loss is summing up to a loss of over $100 billion. This is considered to be the largest loss by value.

According to what Q2 2018 earnings call listed, all the revenue that Facebook has generated, is lesser compared to the approximations: the increased revenue is $13.2 billion but what the Wall Street estimated is $13.3 billion. So this is not a minor loss indeed. All this leads to the realization that the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg faces a loss of $16.8 billion right away.

To add on, there are a couple of controversies that are revolving around Facebook. The scandals could be one of the obstacles; the effect that Cambridge Analytica, elections and the fake news channelization are making it a tough time for the CEO to do well and relax.

Amidst the mixed feeling in accepting and relying on Facebook due to its controversies, the brand owned Instagram is doing very well. As recently as last week, the application achieved over 1 billion users across the globe.

But it is not all about controversies; it is the money matter also that has affected the brand. The sales and marketing strategies that Facebook used, to go ahead in its business include earning through news feed, Facebook paid ads and more. The big brand collaborations pay huge amount to Facebook due to constant and consecutive paid promotions and advertisements.

The other wings of Facebook like messenger and the newly introduced VR technology which are helping the ads bloom, even they are in need of heavy attention and considerations.


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