Nokia Smartphone Will Re-Entry into Market in 2017: Confirmed Report

The renowned multinational communications company Nokia has confirmed its re-entry into Smartphones business in coming 2017. The Finland-based company has made a statement in a recent event regarding the entry into smartphones. The new Nokia Smartphone will run on Android platform introduced as a Nokia brand.

The smartphones will tag as Nokia, but it can mass produced by HMD global that is the owner of Nokia Smartphone hardware brand. Nokia has conducted an event on November 15 for stakeholders and during the event and the company has announced its re-entry into smartphones.

Since it doesn’t have the required industrial facilities, Nokia will rope in HMD Global and Taiwanese company Foxconn to make the smartphones which run on Android platform.

Nokia New Smartphone with Stylish Looks and Amazing features

Nokia said, “HDM will develop, market and sell Nokia Smartphone branded phones and accessories while Foxconn is dealing with R&D and manufacturing.”

However, technical details of new Nokia smartphone such as hardware or Software specifications are not yet to announce officially, but there are so many rumors mills around regarding this statement.

There were few rumors has already spread that Nokia is re-entering with a smartphone named as D1C. It runs on Android 7 Nougat with a Snapdragon 430 processor and also offers 1080p HD display with 3GB of RAM.

Earlier, Nokia has released Windows phones, and after re-entry, it will produce Android-powered devices. And Windows phones are now released only by Microsoft.

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