Ariana Grande, our favorite pop star recently made an appearance on NBC’s The Tonight Show and it was all crazy as she recreated her new song using Nintendo Labo.

In case you don’t know what a Nintendo Labo is, we’ll explain it to you. Basically, Nintendo Labo is similar to cardboard and can be bent. One can then put the video system inside and create cool stuff such as piano and other instruments. When Ariana Grande made an appearance on the show, one of the famous band group The Roots were also there. The Roots and Ariana Grande together performed the song “No tears left to cry” which was recently released by Ariana Grande.

At the Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, it was not the first time when Nintendo Labo was used. Jimmy, being a Labo fan has frequently used the gadget on his show and is a big fan of the same. This time Jimmy says that he wanted to do something with the Nintendo Labo and he did this. Along with the pop star, Ariana Grande and The Roots, Jimmy Fallon could not stop himself from performing with them.

Band individuals utilized diverse Toy-Con from the Variety and Robot units. Tariq utilized the Toy-Con Fishing Rod, Kamal and James utilized the well-known Toy-Con Piano, Stro was shaking two Joy-Con to make diverse drum sounds and Questlove utilized the Robot Kit to play out the kick-drum and high-cap.

This episode was aired on Monday and the fans enjoyed the show thoroughly. Ariana being everybody’s favorite and The Roots being an incredible band with such talented group members will surely increase the popularity of the gadget as well as the show. Usage of Nintendo Labo clearly made the performance unique and we’re keen to listen more to this type of music.


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