No Helmet No Fuel

No Helmet No Fuel: The number of deaths due to road accidents is increasing day-by-day. To prevent such accidents, the government implements new rules now and then. Recently Uttar Pradesh state government launched a new rule in Lucknow regarding the helmets. The government sent orders to all the petrol bunks not to sell petrol for the two wheelers who are not wearing helmets. The law will get implemented from today itself.

The law got named as No Helmet No Fuel which prevents the bunk people from selling petrol to the passengers who are not wearing a helmet. So individuals who are riding their bikes or scooters without helmets would not be served petrol in the bunks.

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Not only this but also the government ordered the bunks to note down the motorcycle number plates and submit them to the Police. The government before implementing this rule in the state at a time did a trial run of 3 days from May 18th to May 20th. Officially the No Helmet No Fuel law will come to force from today. Every petrol bunk will be assigned with an SI Rank Police official who will write the challans for those who break the laws.

If this law becomes successful, the government is planning to bring the same law in force throughout the state. The same law got implemented by Maharashtra government too in the past. However, due to the constant pressure and protests from the public, the law got canceled.

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