NO Fly List

The Central government has released the no fly list rules (NFL) today that is 8 September. As the no fly list rules came into existence all the domestic flights booking need ID card details.

Identity proofs of an individual include Aadhaar card, Pan card, driving license and voter ID. The traveler can submit any one of the ID proof to travel on domestic flights. However International flight bookings need Identity proof now in addition to that domestic flight’s bookings also need Id proof.

The reason behind making, ID card details for flight bookings mandatory is to avoid change in name during flight bookings. The government wants precise details of travelers to avoid the fake registrations.

Union minister of state for aviation, Jayant Sinha said “India is pioneering in having a no fly list by safety as other countries have it on security grounds. A DGCA team recently had discussions with global regulators at an event in Mongolia. We had received comments on the draft NFL, and after many deliberations, the final rules will be issued on Friday.”  As per the discussion, the rules have been launched.

“We are going to subject a civil aviation requirement (CAR or rule issued by DGCA) where some identity card number will have to be produced. People giving Aadhaar numbers will soon be able to get digital boarding cards,” Sinha added.

Check the list and offense punishments:

  • Unruly physical gestures, verbal harassment, and unruly inebriation-breaking the rule will cause passenger 3months of ban
  • Physically abusive behavior (pushing, kicking, hitting, inappropriate touching)- offense will cause six months of ban
  • Life threatening behavior – assaults, damage to aircraft systems- ban for minimum of 2 years for the passenger

Some of the recent incidents like MP Ravindra Gaikwad beat an Air India staffer. Such kind of misbehavior wasn’t expected from a public figure. After which MP was banned from flying in domestic airlines but later revoked as he apologized for his behavior. To avoid this, particular identity of traveler is required.   The rules are inspired from US aviation as they are very particular about the passengers who are traveling through flights.

Booking can be made online or offline. At the time of flight bookings, the passenger can provide the ID card number in the required details, and the booking will compete once the system recognizes the person’s Identity through the number.