The President of the United States, Donald Trump strictly sticks to his decisions with respect to the US pastor. He proclaimed “no concessions” to the opposite nation, Turkey. Very passionately, the US President Trump has been abiding by his perceptions and opinions. He said to the world that he shall not withdraw his stand against Turkey for the withheld US pastor.

Trump insisted his strong support towards the US pastor and he called the pastor “an innocent man of faith”. As an act of showing his support, Trump projected to the world that Turkey is on a wrong track and continuing the same way would lead that country towards blunders. Trump is very confident about his stand of ‘no concessions’.

The President Donald Trump’s instantaneous thought process could be the main reason behind all such developments happening presently. According to what Trump said, he had previously thought that Turkey would join hands with the United States as the US had helped free a respected citizen of Turkey, who was detained. Trump encouraged Israel to fight for the cause passionately.

Not always do calculations win! The same happened to the US President. To add to that, the US Pastor Andrew Brunson defends himself saying that all allegations made against him were deniable. It was said that the pastor was against Turkey’s president, which was then denied.  

When the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan refused to release the US Pastor Andrew Brunson, Trump imposed and raised taxes and tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Turkey to the country.

“I’m not concerned at all,” he said in an Oval Office interview on Monday with a leading news agency.  



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