venus williams crash

Police said on Wednesday that no charges are being filed against Venus Williams, the tennis star as well as the other driver for a crash that happened in June, which fatally injured the husband of the other driver.

The report from Palm Beach Gardens Police said that a third vehicle, which is yet to be identified, cut off the tennis star as she tried to cross the six lane highway near her home. This set off a chain of events due to which a sedan that was driven by Linda Barson slammed into the passenger side of Venus Williams’ car.

Linda’s 78 year old husband, Jerome died thirteen days after the crash that occurred on June 9 and Linda also suffered a broken arm and other injuries. Williams, on the other hand, wasn’t injured. Jerome’s estate had filed a lawsuit against Williams after this.

The lead investigator, Officer David Dowling said that a nearby security camera shows that Venus Williams legally entered the intersection from a road that was near her gated community. When she was crossing, a dark sedan cut her off due to which she had to stop. Once the sedan cleared her path, she started moving forward in her Toyota Sequoia. But, this put her in Linda’s path that had a green light now. Their vehicle, a Hyundai Accent hit William’s SUV at 65kmph.

Dowling states that according to state law, Williams was required to exit the intersection and even though Linda had a green light, she needed to make sure the intersection had no obstructions. Michael Steinger, the family attorney of Barsons, said that the conclusions of Dowling were wrong and the suit is still going to be pursued.

Malcolm Cunningham, Williams’ attorney didn’t reply to the email that sought his comment.

Williams is the older sister of Serena Williams and she has won seven Grand Slam titles and five of them are Wimbledon titles. She has her own clothing line, endorsement deals with Kraft foods, Wilson sporting goods, Ralph Lauren, and Tide detergent, and she also owns a small percentage of Miami Dolphins.

Hopefully more evidence would turn up to support the truth during this trying time for both the families.


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