NFL denies Texans Kneel during National Anthem

Bob McNair, the owner of Houston Texans, recently made a statement that during the national anthem, all those players protesting racial injustice will not be signed by him at all. Under McNair’s direction, a report has been published claiming that the Texans are avoiding those agent players who have demonstrated racial injustice.

On Saturday, Jerome Solomon, a columnist for Houston Chronicle talked with two NFL agents and said that the Texans don’t have any interest in those players who took part in pregame kneel downs in the form of protesting. Solomon further said that Texans are focusing on talent, but the potential draftees and signees will not be any protestors at all. It’s not a racist organization; however, the owner has turned racially deaf. Many people believe that McNair will field the team by adding all-pro talent, all conforming, all white probably.

The team explained that a player who has recently protested in favor of social justice and similar issues would not be signed by Houston Texans as it is categorically false. Furthermore, the Texans coaching, personnel, ownership and executive staff hire the employees on the basis of character, talent, reliability and his fitness in the organization.

Well, this statement will definitely negatively affect the reputation of the team. The ‘players on the safe side’ means those who have not protested but have sympathy towards others. McNair apologized for the remark and met the players, but this attempt was not successful as several players walked out. Many players depicted their aggression and disapproval to McNair on social media.

Solomon said that if the Texans are not taking players who are outspoken for their community as they as highly concerned with it or to favor their community, take part in silent protests, then the Texans are losing great players that could help them in winning a Super Bowl.


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