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Are you planning to go to the United States of America and applied for Visa? Well, good luck to you. Because you should get ready to face some ridiculously stupid questions no one has ever asked you till now. The US President Donald Trump’s administration has designed a new questionnaire for all the US Visa Applicants that may discourage students from coming to the United States of America.

Applicants should also provide past email addresses and 15 years’ worth of biographical information. The Formulated new rules would feature some very irrelevant questions and may cause harm to individual’s personal space. Here are examples of Some of the Visa questions you might face.

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New US Visa Questions Applicants might face

  • Who is paying for the ticket?
  • Your travel history for the past 15 years?
  • What countries have you visited in the recent 10-15 years?
  • What jobs have you done till now?
  • Are you on Social Media?
  • What websites you visit the most?
  • What stuff do you post frequently?
  • Whom have you sent emails?
  • Whom did you contact on the phone?

The above are some of the irrelevant questions the visa people might ask you in the visa interview. To stay away from terrorism and to prevent terrorists from entering their land, America made strict processes to get the visa. These new visa rules will get implemented in the up coming months.

Us Visa officials in the new checking block will shoot some questions at the passengers. The government is stating that the rules should be harsh to prevent any terrorist attack in the country. Almost 65000 of people will have to face these questions per year.

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The questions will make them find what countries did they passenger visited and if he/she has ties with some terrorist countries or not. So from now on the visa officials will start showing nation, political, caste, religion and gender partiality in this process. The passengers might have to state where they are intended to go. An official report said that they might even ask their social media accounts and passwords too.

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