New Technology for Lands

Are you planning to purchase any land or building in Vijayawada or Tirupathi? Do you want to know the details about them? Well, to get answers to these questions, we usually go to sub registrar office.

To get to know the value of that particular land, we need to get EC, and there is so much process, and it takes a lot of time. But now it is just a click away. The state government has initiated a new technology. Through this, the details of all the villages, cities and towns will be attached to Google maps along with every individual house numbers.

If we take Vijayawada as an example, clicking on the survey numbers that pop up on google maps of Vijayawada will give you the details about that particular house. As a pilot project, the government has identified and going to implement this project in Chilakaluripet in Guntur district. The stamps and registration department is busy in developing the prototype, and if the pilot project gets succeed, then the remaining areas will get under this initiative.

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Through this new technology, the government will be benefited in three phases. Sub-registrars will get to know about the needed land details, where should the houses get constructed and where is agricultural land, these details will be registered. This will help for a systematic development in the state. Illegal constructions can be reduced. During land survey, it will benefit a lot.