The road transportation Ministry of India has stepped its next foot towards digitization and according to the new rules, you will not have to carry your original license and vehicle documents along with you all the time.

This rule was approved by the ministry after citing the provisions of the Information Technology (IT) Act. Though the citizens will not have to carry the hard copies of their documents, the new rule demands people to upload the digital copies of their documents in the DigiLocker or mParivahan apps to show it to the traffic police.

The documents will be authenticated by the government- introduced apps to declare them as valid. This new scheme will let the traffic police access information regarding traffic violation history of a vehicle driver through the central database. The traffic police can access the QR codes of the authenticate documents through their handheld devices as well as through their phones.

DigiLocker is available on all mobile operating systems whereas the mParivahan app is available only for Android. mParivahan is currently not available for iPhone users but it will be made available in the next 7 to 10 days.

Previously, the traffic police would confiscate one’s original documents in the case of over speeding, signal to jump, talking on the phone while driving, or smoking while driving. There were many incidents where the confiscated documents were lost. This new system will avoid such errors from happening.

The new system addresses the issue of traffic offenders as well. People who are found violating the traffic rules will be listed in the Vahan and Sarathi databases through the eChallan system. Now, the physical documents will no longer be seized.

The government had proposed this idea to make digital documents valid under traffic and transport enforcement authorities. The advisory had previously stated that if the insurance policy details are present in the digital copy of the government act, there was no need for a physical insurance certificate and other documents.

The Ministry has taken this decision after receiving a number of complaints from people that the traffic police is not accepting digital documents. This new advancement has brought relief for people who often forget/misplace their original documents. In this manner, the travelers won’t be penalized for not carrying documents while travelling.


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