ps4 5.50 update

New PS4 update ‘major’ has recently begun registration for beta test. It is in progress now. As the update has been begun, Sony has updated the users with details regarding what they can expect from the 5.50 update.

The upcoming changes will impact various areas of the system. Now, the users will get a wide library having divisions in two different areas. Among these areas, one will update you regarding any purchase from your account as you normally see. The other portion will display about current installations on the console. Also, one more section has been added, which will let you know which games you ‘own’ through PlayStation Plus.

If the subscription of the game has expired, a lock icon will pop-up in the game on the top of PS Plus logo. So, to regain access to that game, you are required to subscribe again. The lock icon is a reminder for you. Furthermore, you will get a new option, which will give you the freedom to hide some items like trials, betas, demos etc. from the purchased list.

Earlier, to some extent, custom wallpaper was implemented, but now the updated version of 5.50 will allow users to get any image to apply for the background via USB. In the Settings menu, an option of USB storage device has been inserted, which you will get in Themes option. It complements with some options regarding modification of the image like cropping and zooming.

A new feature called Play Time Management has been introduced, which will allow you to limit PS4. This feature will permit you to set limits on daily time and track playing time, even from smartphone or PC. The player can be warned about upcoming cutoff by sending notifications. Keep an eye on email regarding the details to get an access to this update. Well, its launch date has not been confirmed yet. The complete update may bring some more exciting features to the users.


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