New Google Feed

Search engine giant, Google rolled out the new update in India that takes personalization to the next level. To offer users better Search experience, Google announces new Feed in the Google app for Android and iOS users. This new Feed will focus on suggesting users with more personalized information in such a way that it will help organize their lives in a simple and organized manner as never before.

Google said in a statement, “you can access the new Feed by updating and launching the Google app on your phone. The feed will enable you to see cards containing the very latest sports highlights, top news, engaging videos, new music, stories about your hobbies and more, and will be available in English and Hindi.”

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Google new Feed update is inclined to take this usability forward with more systematic, easier to users. Previously, Google uses sensor search history, calendar, saved events, locations, and other such attributes to give us appropriate recommendations. Now it will also include social media especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram along with other Google connected applications.

By doing so, Google can monitor significant user activity on Facebook searches, like the content users spend most of their time on. Based on which, Google feed will provide content that the user cares about the most.

For instance, if a user is a photography enthusiast but is casually interested in fitness, the feed will reflect stories accordingly. Moreover, the new Feed will continue to evolve based on users’ engagement with it.

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