Bicycle Sharing Scheme
Bicycle Sharing Scheme inaugration at delhi

To impart better mile of connectivity New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) had decided to initiate New Bicycle sharing scheme in Kolkata soon. These Bicycles can be accessed from mobile app or computer from any public places with NKDA permission. The main feature of these Bicycles is GPS connectivity.

This initiative will be helpful to make a green city across the state. One of Senior NKDA official said that the scheme would be implemented by any Personal Partner qualifying through a transparent process.

NKDA chairman Debashis Sen said “The Expression of Interest (EOI) for the scheme has already been floated. We would prefer cycles with a dock less model that are GPS enabled We will only charge a minor parking fee for using any designated car parking lots,”

No physical police verification required for Passport: Government

 Few features of Bicycle Sharing Scheme in Kolkata

  • In this scheme, users can take bicycle from an area
  • These bicycles have automatic locking system from protection of theft
  • Cycles are interconnected with GPS system for tracking purposes.
  • Users have to pay money to Bicycle service provider to avail this scheme.

Details about new bicycle sharing scheme

Cycles booking can be made through mobile application only and the Cycles will be soon available on Google Play Store. Private limited partners will release this scheme after arranging a required number of cycles, technical support to implement the scheme.

The office will soon set service providers at few areas allotted by NKDA. New Town Kolkata Development Authority will also see the arrangement of the parking area for a bicycle for five years. Battery operated golf carts, and e-scoters will be run to decreases pollution in Kolkata.


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