Mercedes-Benz launched it’s new transporting vehicle which will transform the present form of logistics carriers.

The transportation of goods and services will take a new path with the introduction of these carriers. Mercedes-Benz vans has been pushing this latest development forward which will bring intelligence into its Vans.

Benz company is concentrating now more on giving transportation sector a complete new look and direction.The focus is on connectivity and the internet, as well as various technologies that would be integrated into the Van to optimize the flow of materials.

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By 2020 Mercedes-Benz Vans may bring drastic changes that are existing at present. Not just because of the innovative models that are introduced into the marker, but because there will be a complete change in foundations itself.

Mercedes-Benz Vans Head, Volker Mornhinweg has explained the new direction as the company thinks they are to be driven by developments.

Volker also added that from the forefront the company wants to shape and transform itself from a manufacturer to a service provider.

This is also an affect of the urbanization of society. In the coming years almost the major cities will develop the urban regions with new opportunities and challenges for transport companies.

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Urbanization and digitalization of present society poses new challenges in the transport industry.

Mercedes-Benz Vans are working together with all start-up companies in the Silicon Valley. Solutions for intelligent loading and delivery of goods will bring a positive impact in cost cutting measures in future. The latest advanced solutions include the transportation using drones, self- driving robots that replace the delivery boys.


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