LG 5K UltraWide HDR Monitor

Recently, LG announced some impressive monitors that are going to be accompanying the LG team to CES in a few weeks. One such monitor is 32UK950. This monitor is a 32inch 4K monitor that has HDR support, 98% P3 Color Gamut Coverage, Thunderbolt 3 Connectivity and Nano IPS technology. The details of the supported HDR formats have not been released yet.

If 4K isn’t wide enough, LG also announced their ridiculous sounding monitor, 34WK95U. This monitor is a 5K UltraWide version of 32UK950. Even so, there doesn’t seem to be much change on the resolution. Its resolution is just 5120 x 2160, which means that the vertical pixel count is just like the other LG 4K monitors rather than making it a 21:9 extension like LG’s 5K UltraFine or iMac panel.

The accurate description should have been 4K UltraWide instead of 5K UltraWide like the conventional 1080p and 1440p ultrawides.

4K Ultrawides don’t exist currently. Therefore, it still is going to be a wonderful thing to witness. With the Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, you can also connect your laptop to the monitor. This way, you would only need a single cable to keep the monitor charged.

LG is also bringing a brand-new 1440p G-Sync monitor at CES. There is no release date or price release for any of these products, but we would hopefully get to know more about these details in Vegas.

LG has always come forward with the best of technology at every CES. CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is a tech show that is held in Las Vegas every year in January and LG has always been the number one presenter at the show.

Their products have always baffled the consumer world. Each year, they bring new and innovative tech to this show and products that get showcased here at CES always earn loads for the company. Hopefully the reported 5K UltraWide monitor would do the same and the world would appreciate the colors and resolution that they would get with HDR support.

The price and other details for the 34WK95U would hopefully be released at CES 2018.


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