the sandman

When ‘The Sandman’ graphic novel series by Neil Gaiman made its debut in 1988, set a milestone for the entire comics industry. Now, after almost 30 years, the author is putting in efforts to make it a complete mini-universe by expanding that world.

Dubbed ‘The Sandman Universe’, this will be a crucial part of the Vertigo Imprint of DC and will involve new four comic series managed by a different writer. It will kick off on August 8. Mark Doyole, Vertigo’s executor editor said while addressing the media that he found Sandman the best comic series ever. He resorted to it when he got bored and Sandman had given him a way to relish. He also said that working on the project of expanding the Sandman Universe with Neil Gaiman is just like a dream come true.

The Sandman series was originally based on dreams basically, a godlike creature finding ways to rebuild the kingdom, having various tasks, dreams etc. This was a series of fantasy, striking artwork, horror, and dark comedy, leaving an indelible cultural impression. And now, Gaiman is returning to the broader concept to convey a more ambitious approach. This new project will be written by 4 different collaborators of Gaiman, including novelists – Kat Howard and Nalo Hopkinson, comic writers – Dan Watters and Si Spurrier.

The Sandman was popularly known as a moody tone, but the new series will be more fanciful, dreamlike, ethereal, and hard-boiled. Furthermore, an overlap of titles, style of presenting, and other aspects are not clear yet. But, the readers can expect a vast territory to explore as this new edition consists of different premises of 4 books. On August 8, it will be on the floors and fans can start reading it after that.


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