Shivansh Joshi NDA Topper

In India every bright student’s dream is to join in IIT, the premiere educational institution and pursue a good education. But surprising incident took place the state of Uttarakhand. Going into the details Shivansh Joshi, a 17-year-old has topped the National Defence Academy Exam and also scored good marks in the Joint Entrance Examination for IIT. This youngster surprised his teachers, friends, and parents by choosing NDA over Indian Institute of Technology. Shivansh said that is very proud to share that he is from Rampur in Uttarakhand, where almost every village has at least one son in uniform.

Shivansh stated that he wants to utilize his capabilities at NDA rather than at IIT. Since childhood serving the Country is my only objective, and the youngsters of Uttarakhand have love for the Country in their blood. I feel proud and fortunate that I have come from the land of brave and I am living my dream now. This 17-year-old youngster is very clear about his future, and he wants to learn from the past and build a bright future.

He added that “The key to cracking such competitions is control over your routine,” he said. Shivansh’s schedule did not include hours of study but was well coordinated with sports and other activities like reading.

Shivansh also said that “I played football and used to read books. One cannot study the whole time or play the whole time. A balance is needed to chase your dream,”

Joshi father Sanjeev works with Life Insurance Corporation LIC, and his mother is a primary school teacher, and they were happy with their son’s decision. Shivansh said that he knew the training in National Defence Academy would be very tough but I don’t want an easier life. He wants to do something for the country and realizes that the road ahead of him is not easy.  Shivansh added that his younger sibling follows his footsteps and prepares for the NDA Exam.

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