National Green Tribunal

Kejriwal led Delhi government receives a big blow from National Green Tribunal. The NGT Slammed Kejriwal Govt for not taking any measures to control Pollution in Delhi. The green tribunal bench also asked how would the Delhi government announce odd-even rule despite reports saying that it was ineffective.

National Green Tribunal stated that “The Supreme Court has not asked you to implement the odd-even plan. It has asked you to implement measures. You haven’t implemented 99 measures but want just one. You had one year to prepare, but you did nothing,” the bench told the Delhi government. In a series of questions, the NGT asked Why the Delhi Government have exempted two-wheelers and women in the odd-even scheme.

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The NGT Bench has earlier asked the Government to submit the details of ambient air quality during earlier odd-even schemes. The green court told the Delhi government, the Odd-Even Rule implementation in the national capital only if it orders so tomorrow. “Small cars are not a serious contributor to pollution. Heavy diesel vehicles are a problem. Has odd-even been productive in reducing pollution level? Tell us if the 500 new buses you are putting on the roads are diesel vehicles or CNG.”

In a bid to reduce the pollution in India’s Capital City Delhi government decided to brought back the Road Rotation scheme vividly known as the Odd-Even Rule from November 13-17. Now with the orders of National Green Tribunal (NGT), the implementation of the rotation scheme .

Meanwhile, the situation of Delhi weather has not changed. The city is covered with a thick blanket of smog. Sprinkling of water and other precautionary measures are taken to reduce the pollution.

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