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New Delhi: Ever Since Donald Trump took as President of United States of America, the careers of Indians in the USA fell in the stake. Donald Trump kept so many rules and regulations for the incomers into the country and made the visa process highly strict. As automation is also growing rapidly, the first industry to fall is the Information Technology.

So the IT sector is shivering with the fear of falling. However, NASSCOM is trying hard to prove all tose things are just rumors and there is no truth in them. NASSCOM Chairman Raman Roy stated that even though automation is taking over the IT Industry, the constant up gradation in the departments keeps the industry safe and secure.

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NASSCOM estimated that the number of IT employees in India in the year 2018 will increase by 1,50,000. Last year 1,70,000 IT employees joined the list. So comparatively the number has decreased this time by 20000.

However, by the year 2025, the IT industry might worth $ 35000 crore. As the situations in every department keep on changing, the NASSCOM roup associated with Boston Consulting Group stated that changing job goals now and then is the solution.

The top 5th biggest company in the IT industry Tech Mahindra CEO, C P Gurnani clarified that not only Mahindra but no other IT company dare to lose competent and experienced employees ever. NASSCOM also claimed that the unemployment due to lack of knowledge and experience would remain in between 0.5% to 3%.

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