NASA Action Cam Captures Spacewalk

Everyone has a dream to travel at least once to space. And spacewalk is beyond imaginative for us. But how it feel, watching the video of an astronaut who is doing a spacewalk? Is it amazing right? Yes, this video released by NASA from the International Space Station (ISS) is something beyond amazing and incredible to watch.

These scenes shot by Thomas Pesquet ESA astronaut, who did a spacewalk on the International Space Station on March 24th. Along with NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough, Thomas did this space walk, and this video also shows us the close-up of space and how astronauts walk and behave there, especially outside ISS. With the curve of Earth in the backdrop, these two astronauts performed the spacewalk.

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In the video, the first thing was to make arrangements for the installation of second international docking adapter with the help of Pressurized Mating Adapter 3 (PMA3). This helps the pressurized interface that lies between station modules and docking adapter. It results in the robotic move that happened on March 26th, because of the disconnection occurred between cables and electrical connections on PMA-3.

This PMA-3 was taken away from the port side of Tranquility module to the space-facing aspect of the Harmony module. In future, it will get deliver on SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft. These two astronauts also installed two a new computer relay box which has advanced software for the adapter. The spacewalkers have inspected a radiator valve and identified an ammonia leak. Immediately they replaced cameras that were on the Japanese segment of the outpost.


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