The world has witnessed a shocking allegation that has been raised on the army of Myanmar. For the time in the history, the global news encompasses United Nations accusing Myanmar of genocide. The nation is explicitly compelled to accept the allegations made and faces the genocide charges regarding Rohingya death misery. The defense crew of Myanmar, its full-fledged army is accused of the genocide conflicts. With regards to the same, the United Nations (UN) has called the officials of Myanmar to answer the accusation.

The sources in Geneva have mentioned that the military teams of Myanmar have been the reason for the massive deaths and life loss at Rohingya. The violence is not only about murders, but it extends to gang rapes also. The Muslim families are targeted and victimized to the greatest extent. All such serious criminal acts have been termed as ‘Genocide’ and the accused would be punished for the same offense. The miserable armed campaign subjected to Rohingya would add to the isolation of the country.

The adversities continue! The U.N is very particular about the commander-in-chief and the other officials like the 5 generals to be prosecuted for the notorious criminal activities, which have turned fatal and killed people and ruined the families completely. The prosecutions would be carried out as and how it is led by the international law. The same is what the U.N investigators told.

The UN investigation has clearly reported that the UN has considered the issue to be critical and thus, the high level officials of Myanmar are given a warning and they are called for facing the charges imposed on them.

The crimes in Rakhine State, and the manner in which they were perpetrated, are similar in nature, gravity and scope to those that have allowed genocidal intent to be established in other contexts,” the U.N panel conveyed. The panel is known as the ‘Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar’.


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