MP Policeman Runs 1Km with 10 kg Bomb

Madhya Pradesh, head police constable, Abhishek Patel had risked his life and saved 400 school children. On Friday morning in Chitora village, they discovered a bomb in the backyard of the school where children are studying.

According to the reports, Patel told the media that he wanted to take a 10KGs bomb with his hands and go far away to outskirts to save school children life’s and also people who are working in the nearest residential.

Patel said, ”I wanted to take the bomb away from the school and the residential area to reduce the danger of collateral damage in case the bomb exploded.”

No precise information about the people who called the police, but soon policeman reached the spot. In the school, a teacher named Ajay Kumar said that the police man asked school authorities to close the school for the day.

Ajay Kumar said “Soon after the police arrived they asked us to shut the school. We closed the school a couple of hours early,”

Patel took 10Kgs bomb, by keeping on his shoulder and run at full speed within a short distance for nearly 1 kilometer to save the lives of children. A 12 seconds video clip of Patel running with a bomb is kept on the social media and was viral.

Patel said to media “Had the bomb exploded it would have caused damage in a 500-meter area. I was afraid that the bomb might explode, so I took it away from the populated area.”

 IG Satish Sagar Range said “There is an Army shooting range near the village. The Army was informed about the bomb. How it reached there and who placed it near the school is being investigated.”

IG said Patel would be awarded for showing his courage to save lives of people. He also added that there is a vast army close to the village and the police man will soon find how the bomb reached the village.

Rajasthan Ex Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said: “Head Constable, Abhishek Patel has shown a high sense of duty and courage by carrying away a bomb found in a school in MP.”

Meta: MP Cop takes high risk and save 400 school children. He ran approximately 1 km with 10 kg bomb which was found in school premises.