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Mobile phone usage at the time of pregnancy shows benefits rather than disadvantages. A new study carried out by the team of Dr. Eleni Papadopoulou from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health has stated that Using mobile phone will not cause any difference in the neurodevelopment at the time of pregnancy.

The study states that mothers who are mobile phone users can observe a great difference in their children at the initial age. Children of mobile phone users have 27 per cent lower risk of having sentence complexity, 14 per cent lower risk of incomplete grammar and 31 per cent lower risk of experiencing moderate language delay. All these can be observed in their children at the age of three, compared to children of mothers who don’t use a mobile phone.

Mobile phones are said to be harmful due to the emission of radio frequency waves which cause harm to the human brain. They receive non-ionizing radiation signals from antennas. Now the study states that these radiations are not linked up with neurodevelopment.

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Dr. Eleni Papadopoulou said “The concern for harm to the fetus caused by radio frequency electromagnetic fields, such as those transmitted by mobile phones, is mainly prompted by reports from experimental animal studies with inconsistent results. Our findings do not support the hypothesis of adverse effects on child’s language, communication and motor skills due to the use of the mobile phone during pregnancy.”

The study included 45,389 mother-child pairs. They were categorized into less, medium and high phone users. Mobile phone user mother’s children were observed 17 percent lower adjusted risk of having low sentence complexity at three years. Importantly, children of cell phone users, had a lesser risk of low motor skills score at three years, compared to children of non-users, but this association was not found in 5 years. A big difference in communication wasn’t found in the research.

The main thing proved by them was no evidence of adverse neurodevelopmental effects of prenatal cell phone use was observed. They can have a healthy baby in case of neurodevelopment.

Senior author Professor Jan Alexander from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health said, “Our investigation revealed for the first time that maternal mobile phone use might actually have a positive impact. More specifically, mobile phone use in pregnancy was linked with lower risk of the child having low language and motor skills at three years of age.”