mira rajput upset

Celebrities admire paparazzi but don’t want their kids to get frustrated because of them. This happened recently at a garden on Thursday, where Mira Rajput had come to spend quality time with her daughter, Misha. But, the photographer kept on capturing her and Misha’s photos which made her angry. She put it on an Instagram story that the paparazzi should abstain photography of kids so that they can play & enjoy the childhood moments properly.

She is not wrong from her point of view. If you are familiar with Mira, then you may have noticed that she has not pointed anyone out for an issue like it before. At many events and airports, she usually gets photographed. But this time, she did not stop herself from letting the photographers know that she doesn’t like it.

In an interview, Mira talked to the interviewers when she was questioned about Misha about her worry for Misha. She agreed that she can’t always keep Misha away from the cameras but she doesn’t want her daughter being trapped by them only. She wants that her loving child lives a normal life, away from cameras. She further said that Misha is the pride in their family and she always wants that Misha gets protected from all the odds of the world. However, she also said that she wants to share the family moments with the media but it must not trouble her child.

Shahid has also shown his concern about the future and protection of Misha, as he wants to give her the best life. However, he also said that the future will surely be a favorable one for women as the world is changing at a rapid pace.


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