Microsoft Teams is certainly up at the top when it’s about new features, even some fairly amusing ones. It can now combine with third-party applications and services to assist in making meetings a piece of cake. An app for creating an agenda can, for instance, show participants what’s the schedule even before the beginning of the meeting. Obviously, that all relies on the number of third-parties that will be hopping on board and Microsoft counts only a few that are joining later this year. 

Apps can now add a tab to invite for the meeting where users of Teams can communicate with the app prior to the beginning of a meeting. After a meeting starts, Teams participants can pull apps right into the live meeting. This may comprise of bots that generate live notifications regarding events during the period of a Teams meeting or an app to depict information to attendees in the sidebar. This integration also encompasses the capacity for apps to show up as buttons in the controls bar of the meeting.

For example, a third-party Agenda app could add a tab with an agenda in the pre-meeting window, a button to open agenda items on the meeting control bar, or a summary file or other type of object in the post-meeting chat window,” Microsoft elucidated in a blog post.

It also suggests that with the inclusion of third-party apps, users will now have the capacity to share new types of data, which also includes app-data, with ease. Formerly, users were compelled to make use of the Screen Sharing alternative to share such data. Presently, the catalog of third-party apps joining with Microsoft Teams and their functions remain ambiguous. Additional information from the firm are anticipated in the upcoming weeks.

Meanwhile, Microsoft already declared a bunch of fresh updates for Microsoft Teams. The advancement comes at a stage when people prefer to stay indoors to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Web client of the company will include a new element called Microsoft Lists in the upcoming month. It permits users to “track issues, assets, routines, contacts, inventory, and more using customizable views, rules, and comments to keep everyone in sync.” This feature will enter Microsoft Teams app for both Android and iOS later in the year.


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