The tech giant Microsoft is currently focused on developing webcams for Windows latest version, which supports 4k quality. It will reportedly support Xbox One.

Since the past few months, there have not been many changes observed in the webcam variant available in Windows version starting from 2019 onwards. According to a few sources, Microsoft is developing multiple 4k webcams for Windows 10 and also Xbox one.
Just like Hello Google authentication, Microsoft will come up with Hello Windows authentication in these 4k webcams.  

Hello Windows is pretty fast and easy to sign in. It uses biometric data like facial recognition or fingerprint scanning to sign in to your Microsoft account. Microsoft is launching this kind of 4k camera for the first time. Kinect, which no longer is being sold with Xbox one, can now sign in by moving the 4K camera in front of this peripheral. Multiple users can join the game session in the same way.

This 4K camera will be the standalone Hello Windows camera from Microsoft. One has to see how these 4K cameras differ from the other webcams available in the market.
Microsoft also claims that one of the 4K cameras is being developed keeping Enterprise users in mind. So, this camera is expected to be the one that will be compatible with Surface Hub 2. Surface Hub 2 is going to be launched next year and it is expected to come with multiple USB C-based webcam support. So, the users can connect a single webcam in any location or multiple webcams from multiple locations.

This information can be backed with reliable history as Thurrott has a history of leaking the inside information of Microsoft products. Also, with this information, Xbox one users can make sure that Kinect is not going to die anytime soon. With the latest 4K cameras being compatible with Kinect, you can assume that Kinect is also going to get an upgrade but will not fade out of the market.


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