Microsoft had launched Chat Box for Xbox App in the beta version of their apps, but today they announced that they will now be rolling out Chat Box for Xbox App on both Android and iOS. This feature is a big perk for the gamers – something that Microsoft might have not given them in decades.

This Chatbox App feature is now rolling out on both Android and iOS smartphones. This feature allows you to communicate with the other gamers and your online multiplayer partner. You can now communicate via messages or voice texts even when you are not around with your Xbox Console or far away from your house. This is the biggest treat for gamers around the world.

After a proper testing of the beta version, Larry Hryb, also known as Xbox Live King, the Director of Programming at Microsoft Gaming Network for Xbox, officially announced that this feature is now rolling out on both Android and iOS and working perfectly fine. So, if you are a gaming freak, make sure that you don’t forget to check this feature. Download the app and enjoy.

Here’s what Larry Hryb tweeted yesterday.

Twitter: Larry Hryb


Starting today, you can use your iOS and Android mobile devices to start, join, and chat with voice and text in an Xbox Live Party

Now you don’t need to be at your console all the time. Gamers will certainly enjoy this new update.


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