Back in 2013, when the song “We Can’t Stop” was published all across the globe, Miley Cyrus’ fan went gaga over the track and it became a super-hit hitting the blockbuster charts during that period. Cyrus, 25 enjoyed the first position in terms of her single hit in Europe when it was released in 2013.

Shortly afterwards, the happiness over the success of the song went for a toss when Michael May issued a legal suit against Cyrus for copyright infringement issues over the lyrics that were sung in the song.

The Jamaican singer and songwriter Michael allegedly claimed that Cyrus copied the song lyrics from his famous track “We Run Things” published in the year 1988.

As per information, May filed a $300 million suit against Hannah Montana fame for the damages caused due to the copyright issue. The singer also sued all the songwriters and music producers who were associated with this song, which includes Theron Thomas, Timothy, and Mike Williams. As per the lawsuit, May claims that Cyrus’ song saw huge success only because of the copied lyrics that were inspired by the 1988 classic track.  “‘We run things. Things no run we’ is allegedly the lyrics that was put across in this song.

He also claims that the young singer’s recent songs are basically motivated by Caribbean music, whereas prior to this the American singer released music and songs that are inspired by American classic rhythm.

The Jamaican musician is trying his best to hinder the profit and monetary benefits that Cyrus is receiving from the alleged song that is inspired by his track. He further claimed to have obtained a copyright protection for all the essential elements of “We Run Things” in November 2017, and this gives him the right to file a lawsuit against anyone who misuses his song tracks without obtaining any permission from him.


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