Bra that Detects Cancer or Tumor in Breasts

Breast cancer is one of the deadliest diseases which is currently threatening the women. Julian Rios Cantu, an 18-year-old Mexican student, inspired by the struggles his mother faced due to breast cancer and eventually got both her breasts removed, invented a bra which detects the cancer cells in early stages itself. He won the first prize at Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) for his work and got awarded with $20000.

The bra is also known as EVA which got developed by Rios and his three friends in Higia Technologies is primarily to detect cancer in women. The bra is embedded with 200 biosensors which check the surface of woman’s breasts and record the changes in temperature, shape, and weight. When asked why they invented the bra only, he replied that it keeps the breasts in the same position for more than one hour.

The biosensors can discover thermal conductivity. The more blood flow indicates that the blood vessels are feeding on something which is typically cancer. So EVA records the changes and send them to an application or data and analyze them. As soon as a malformation occurs due to cancer or tumor in the breasts the blood flow increases and is detected by EVA.


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