Flash movie will be filled with a lot of humor as the directors (Daley and Goldstein) are well known for making comedy movies. The director Rick Famuyiwa walked away from the task due to some differences.

Warner Bros, the popular entertainment company took the responsibility of producing the movie Flash. They have found a replacement to the former director Rick Famuyiwa. Daley and Goldstein were successful in script writing for movies such as Spiderman: Homecoming and Vacation. The joint venture has earned more than $880 million all over the world.

Basically, Flash is a movie based on Flashpoint comic book published under the banner of DC Comics. Flashpoint was scripted by Geoff Johns and sketched by Andy Kubert.

According to sources, Warner Bros was fascinated about Ben Affleck playing the role of Batsman. Affleck playing the role of Batsman remained as a rumor.

Ezra Miller has already been roped in to play the leading role as Barry Allen. Billy Crudup will also be a part of Flash. Kiersey Clemons will be playing the role of Iris West.

Flash is a character created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert, who is well known for creating comic characters. Harry Lampert is known as Scarlet Speedster because he thinks and works super-fast beyond the laws of physics.

Barry Allen, the character in Flashpoint will be ignorant of the things changing around him. According to the comic, Barry Allen has neither flash nor superpowers.

The name Flash is going to bring about drastic changes in the future. The movie is likely to be one of the best movies based on superheroes.

Warner Bros has not set any release date for Flash. The movie will be released after the screening of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman in the end of 2018.


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