The echoes created by around 20,000 fans were quite astonishing when they all were chanting ‘Fultz! Fultz!’ When Markelle Fultz heard that Carol, for a while he thought that those fans were chanting the name of another athlete of Philly. Fultz said that he thought the fans were chanting for ‘Nick Foles’, who is Philadelphia Eagles champion. He further said that after a while he realized how dolt he is. He said these fans were really great and he just loved them all.

After five confusing months, finally Sixers and all their fans got all that they were looking for. Since October, in the first game of Fultz, he had 8 assists and scored 10 points and helped to transcend Denver Nuggets on Monday night. 2017 draft’s first selection artfully attacked the lane and shot an airball beside 3 shots blocked. All this made him a prominent prospect.

Since 2012, for the first time, while clinching a playoff berth with Philadelphia, Fultz took the decision to return from busted confidence and injured shoulder, which had cost him a lot and was reason for bad results. While addressing the media, he didn’t clarify his situation. Even when he was asked about it by the media persons, he totally ignored the questions and didn’t tell anything about his shoulder. Rather, he acknowledged coaches and all teammates who assisted him during rehab.

He further said that he just woke up and realized that this was the day. But, his hollow answers were just like his stat line. For every question being asked regarding his shoulders, he simply didn’t reply well. He stared straight, didn’t utter a single word, and grabbed the towel to wipe his face. During few seconds of this awkward silence, he wiped his face but didn’t talk about his shoulder.  


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