Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Social accounts got hacked by the hackers. The Social accounts Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram of Mark, which is not regularly used by Mark. He was Mostly on the Facebook which is not breached by the hackers. Mark doesn’t consider about other social networking sites of his accounts since he looks after his Facebook account. This doesn’t mean that he is not to bother to take care of his non-Facebook properties.

The hacking was done on Mark’s Twitter account which doesn’t tweet much. In fact, the last tweet was four years ago. The people on the Twitter have noticed that the account is facing some unusual changes.

The group called OurMine Team also mentioned that they had gained the access for the Mark’s Instagram Account. There are no signs of bleaching his Instagram account. They also posted a message about the hack of his LinkedIn account. Most of the details about this hack are not published in the social media. Some of the content is deleted quickly, and few were preserved for some of its posterity.

Facebook Ends The Conspiracy over Listening Users Conversations for Ads/News Feed

Now Mark is aware that the most of the rarely or unused accounts are also gets attacked, and they are the primary target for the intruders as it is the big name.

Hackers have reported that “dadada” password was leaked through a massive data breach done in the LinkedIn in May, with more than 164 million of user data was stolen at the time of the incident.

Hackers Can Eavesdrop On Your Calls, Texts And Track You With Just Your Phone Number

The Hackers had posted a proof by tweeting from the Mark’s twitter account. They changed the Pinterest page name to “Hacked By OurMine Team” with the description as “we are just testing your security, please DM (direct message) us.” These are the tweets posted by the hackers and defacing the Marks accounts. Now these accounts are returned to the owners, and the aberrant posts/tweets are deleted.


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