Magalir Mattum Movie Review

Magalir Mattum Movie Review: Magalir Mattum is a directorial venture by National Award winner, Bramma. The movie also marks the comeback of queen Jyothika as the main. Magalir Mattum is produced by none other than Suriya Sivakumar under 2D Suriya Entertainments. Apart from Jyothika, the film has three amazing bundles of talented actresses Urvashi, Bhanu Priya, and Saranya Ponvannan.

Magalir Mattum Cast and Crew:

  • Movie Name: Magalir Mattum
  • Genre: Drama
  • Cast: Jyothika Saravanan, Saranya Ponvannan, Urvashi, Bhanu Priya, Nassar, and Livingston
  • Director: G Bramma
  • Producer: Suriya Sivakumar
  • Music Director: Ghibran
  • Release Date: 15 September 2017
  • Language: Tamil
  • Runtime: 2 Hours, 20 Minutes

Magalir Mattum film is based on the affection shared by the three childhood friends who meet after decades. The film also discusses the inequality between Male and Female which still exists in today’s modern world. The movie got much hype from the audiences before the release itself by songs, teaser and mainly it’s the comeback movie of actress Jyothika. She is the anchor of Magalir Mattum, a story about three child hood friends.

Magalir Mattum Story Plot:

The story of the film revolves around four women who enjoy their freedom. The movie starts with the flash back where three girls Gomatha, Rani, and Subbulakshmi sneaking out for a movie. Then the film abruptly cuts to the present, to Gomatha played by Urvashi. Gomatha husband is no more and her son played by Madhavan in a short cameo. She lives with her daughter-in-law Prabha (Jyothika), a documentary filmmaker.

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Prabha wanted to help Gomatha find her long separate college friends Rani and Subbulakshmi. However, she locates them through Facebook. Gomatha and Prabha go in search of Rani and Subbu. Then, they got to know that both of them leading a dull life. Rani (Bhanu Priya) lives in Agra; she is an unpaid servant to her male chauvinist political husband played by Nassar. While Subbu has an alcoholic husband. Later, all of them go on a life changing trip. It’s interesting to see their journey and how they free from their frustrations.

Magalir Mattum Public Response:

Jyothika is the heart and soul of the film and audiences are awestruck with her performance. The film is specially based on women freedom, and it shows us the inequality that exists in our society. The music by Ghibran is a great asset to the movie especially Gubu Gubu, sung by actor Karthi. The song Adi Vadi goes well with the beautiful visuals, all credits goes to Cinematographer Manikandan. The cameo role of actor Madhavan is well received by the audiences. The chemistry between the four women is amazing.

Magalir Mattum Highlights:

Jyothika’s bang on performance is very entreating, while Urvashi’s energy in the film is mind blowing. This movie has an unusual take on mother-in-law and daughter-in –law relationship. The bonding between Jyothika and Urvashi will leave you in good feel. Ghibran music and background score let us know that the intention is to celebrate women.

Plus Points:

  • Jyothika Performance
  • Songs
  • Visuals

Minus Points:

  • Flashback slows things

Magalir Mattum Rating: 2.5/5

Final Verdict: Magalir Mattum must be watched with your mother. You won’t regret watching

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