Maasthi Gudi Movie Review

Maasthi Gudi is the latest Kannada film featuring Duniya Vijay and Kriti Karbanda in the lead roles under the direction of Nagasekhar. Duniya Vijay is an accomplished actor in Sandalwood and has proved his talent in so many movies. Kriti Karbanda has popularity in Kannada Film Industry even though she failed to establish herself in Telugu Industry. This is an action film mainly focussing on the male lead Duniya who fights against the odds.

Maasthi Gudi Movie Review:

Movie Name: Maasthi Gudi

Language: Kannada

Cast: Duniya Vijay, Kriti Kharbanda, Amulya

Director: Naga Sekhar

Producer: Sundar P.Gowdru

Music: Sadhu Kokila

Release Date: 12th May 2017


The entire film revolves around the main lead Duniya Vijay. He stands against the powerful people and decides to take law in his hands. The major theme of the movie is ‘Save Tigers, Save Forest, and Save Animals. The film features Maasthi, Kavadiga of the elephant which leads the Jamboo Savari in Dussehra festival, well celebrated in Mysore every year. The movie discusses more on the hidden activities that takes place in the forest range and how he protects the forest and animals.


Duniya Vijay is a well-known actor in Kannada and once again attracted the audience with his acting talent. Kriti Karbanda looked gorgeous despite her less screen presence she did a decent job. Though the story is straightforward and predictable, the cast performance made it fun to watch. The representation of the story is exquisite.

Technical Team:

The crew did their best in their works. The director executed the story exceptionally well. Though the story is simple, the making of the movie showed the director’s hard work. Music by Sadhu Kokila is an asset to the film. Background score made the script even more enjoyable. Cinematographer Satya Hedge and Editor Joni Harsha accomplished their tasks neatly. The story got written by the main lead Duniya Vijay.

Plus Points:

  • Simple story
  • Action scenes
  • Cast performance

Minus Points:

  • Easily predictable story
  • Second half


The effort the entire movie team to discuss the topics which always stays in the dark is appreciable. The message is obviously Save Forests and Save Animals which got proved the climax of the movie. Despite the slow pace of the story, the movie shredded light on these issues which always get less attention. Unlike the regular commercial films which have a love story, revenge story and some comedy, Maasthi Gudi is a different kind of movie with a simple plot line but with a heartwarming message in the end.


Maasthi Gudi is a message-oriented action film, and Duniya Vijay’s fans will love the movie. (3/5)

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