We live in the world which is not very safe. Gentle humans are no more so. Not everybody remember and live the meaning of humanity. Lynchings have been quite common these days. From past few years, India has been subjected to series of threats and harm by the notorious lynchings. However, the rumors revolved around thieves gobbling away the cattle and kidnappers hijacking the innocent.

The rumors about all the attacks have successfully reached the common people. Social media has made use to the fullest to spread the agitation. The internet enabled smartphones are more than enough to seed in fear across the society. With this, people are aware about the darker side of the world but at the same time, the anxiety about the same must not put them into deeper trouble.

As a result of the negative impact caused, Whatsapp, the country’s favorite messaging application, is forced to limit the number of users, a message can be forwarded to. The new feature is already out and in this way, the brand proves its optimism towards leading the way of life. Despite, the government of India is looking for ways to prohibit the services offered by not only Whatsapp but other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more, during demanding situations.

Though it is very difficult for us, Indians to accept such a jerking decision, sometimes, it is always important to obey and acknowledge them as far as the nation’s well-being is concerned. However, on a short notice, banning social media may not be supported by youth and others who are actively using the social media services for personal and professional reasons in the country. Not just that, most of the effective political affairs, promotions and more go on social media and it is obvious that our government would be affected majorly.


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