Till date, Apple has never released more than one iPhone in a year. Steve Job has always believed that one device would suffice all the needs of the users. Also, he believed that introducing more than one device in a year would clutter the line-up.

But, the iPhone range is growing at a fast pace. Earlier, Apple released iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 2016. Within 3 years, it launched iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X in the same quarter. According to sources, the three phone-trend of Apple is going to be strong in 2018 too.

An analyst from RBC Capital Markets says that Apple plans to launch all the three models of iPhone at the same time this year. Sources are expecting the phones to be iPhone X2 and iPhone X Plus (with a bigger screen). These two phones would be the follow-up of iPhone X. And, the third model is expected to be a cheaper version of iPhone with 6.1 inch LCD screen.

Analysts expect the 6.1-inch phone to be the best seller as it would sport 3D sensing and this model is expected to be named as iPhone 9. iPhone 9 is planned to be priced around $650 – $700. According to past reports, Apple has never sold bigger screen iPhones below $750.

iPhone X and X2 are likely to get a price cut and they are going to give a tough competition to Samsung Galaxy S9, which is priced around $800.

Apple suppliers are expecting around 80-90 million iPhone units to be sold by the second half of 2018. However, one has to wait and see how these three phones are going to perform in the market.


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