Recently, the gaming users were in a shock (happily shocked to be precise) when Logitech, a company well known for providing latest computer accessories announced that they have specifically developed a frameless keyboard which is mechanical in functionalities. The latest computer accessory has been termed as G513, and it certainly comprises of advanced features than its last predecessor G413. The company is hoping that G513 becomes a popular choice for the gaming user and it attains as much success as the previous model was able to garner. Along with the keyboard, the company also announced dedicated gaming speakers designed exclusively for PC with light sync colored-LED feature similar to its other gaming devices launched by the company.

As per the company spokesperson, the latest gaming accessory has an impressive 1ms report rate for G513, and it also has dual options for the key switches present in the keyboard i.e Romer- G Tactile & Romer- G Linear.The switches have reportedly been developed to give the gamers with a smooth keystroke. It has been manufactured from an alloy (an amalgamation of magnesium and aluminum), additionally, it has been loaded with a memory foam palm rest that is useful for the gamers.

Logitech always keeps itself updated with the latest trends that are popular in the gaming industry hence, it is not behind the other companies which sell similar accessories in terms of trends. Nowadays, every device dedicated to gaming is loaded with multi-colored LED switches and obviously, all the accessories sold by Logitech seems to have the latest trend incorporated into their devices.The devices have Lightsync technology which are preferred choices for operating many popular games, hence the device is currently being loved and used by the customers of Logitech. Every motive to build the latest devices by the company has been done to improve the customer satisfaction and building long-term relations of course.


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