Locked House Monitoring System App

Locked House Monitoring System developed by Ananthapuram Police is to prevent burglaries and thefts. The app gives 100% security to the homes when there is no one in it. The app is not only necessary for that particular city, but also for the other towns. So many burglary cases are in pending unable to find the culprits, and some cases got closed too. So this app is introduced to monitor the locked houses. We can simply download the app in the Play Store. Police are trying to develop the app in other cities too. So many people have already installed and registered in the app and have given a 5-star rating.

There is a residence in Ananthapur. The house residents gave information to the police while going to another city. Police came and arranged a device in the home. A stranger tried to enter the house, and the alarm started in the Command and Control center of Police. Police got alerted and sent the information to the nearby station. It’s found out that the man knocked the door to give pamphlets. However, the device worked well, and the alarm made a sound. The app will serve the purpose of knowing from which house the alarm is coming. The police started this app with the concept of Safe Ananthapurama and are implementing it. For this, DGP Nanduri Sambasiva Rao thinking to allow 40 cc cameras in the city.

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The app usage is very easy. The user needs to install the app and get registered. If they are going out of town for four days, they send the details to the Police by this app and contact them 2 hours beforehand so that they can come and arrange the device and cameras. So when a person tries to enter the house, the camera line which got connected to the Command and Control center will make the sound, and the police get alerted.

Based on the app police can know the house address and will arrest the culprit red-handedly. It won’t be a problem even if the thief tries to take out the camera because there will be a copy in the control room.


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