LifeTime Alcohol Supply

‏Now Alcohol lovers can get LifeTime Alcohol Supply for just about Rs 1 Lakh .Yes, you heard it right, a Chinese liquor company named Jiang Xiao Bai as a part of Alibaba’s Single’s day has announced this offer. According to the promotional offer, the first 33 customers who purchase the lifetime subscription would get 12 100ml bottles — per month, until their demise.

This lifetime alcohol supply is only applicable on Baijiu, a fiery white spirit usually made from sorghum or rice. Baijiu contains alcohol content of above 40%. It is usually taken as a shot at Chinese banquets. Despite many attempts by the manufacturers to make it famous outside China, it didn’t go well.

Another interesting thing is if the person who purchases the lifetime alcohol offer passes away within five years of their purchase, the alcohol supply can be transferred to a family member.

Price of this Alcohol Lifetime Supply subscription is 11,111 yuan ($1,673) that is about 1 Lakh which is exactly Rs. 109405.83 .The usual price of this offer is 99,999 Yuans that is around 984634 in Rupees. This promotional price is applicable only on the date of the Single’s day event, where online stores slash prices. Alibaba Single’s day is observed on 11 November every year, a date chosen for its collection of lonely number ones.

Apart from this many offers waiting at the Alibaba Mall, T mall on the eve Alibaba’s annual Singles Day shopping holiday.Already Alibaba hits $16 billion sales on China’s Singles day.

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