light phone

The ultra-minimalist Light Phone set to release last year is further improved to establish a profound reach among the customers. Earlier set to come with limited features thwarting away internet, texting, email, and photography from its model, the little phone could make a call storing up to nine numbers.

It was a promising idea to make life free from distractions in view of what a regular smartphone has to offer. However, it hesitated to completely cut off the wires to the rest of the world.

The new model Light Phone 2 is inherited from the basic model of Light Phone. It, however, adds the earlier minimalist idea to make the phone limited leading to fewer distractions. But, it promises to add some features to make it comfortable for phone users.

The device comes with an E-Ink touchscreen instead of the former glowing 10-digit number pad. While it shares the basic matte design, it offers 4G support and is capable of sending messages. It will be added with some enhanced features like music, using maps or booking a ride at Uber.

It is the perfect gadget to ponder over in your favorite vacation destination. It offers limited resources for day-to-day life with the intent of freeing phone users from the hectic platform many of the phones have to offer. It might sound relaxing for the customers to stay away from the distractive platforms that mobile companies have continued to build from quite some time.

With these add-ons, the company is still exploring options to enhance the specifications and features keeping in mind the hardware too. Promised to come out in 2016, the company now sees April 2019 as the time for release of Light Phone 2.


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