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Liftman is a Kannada romantic entertainer featuring Sunder Raj and his onscreen daughter Sheetal Shetty in lead roles under the direction of Kaaranji Sridhar. The film is loosely based on Vidhana Soudha, a real life lift operator, and his life story. Sunder Raj portrayed the role of Vidhana in the movie. The trailer of the film received the positive response, and as the flick marks the 200th screen appearance of veteran actor Sunder Raj, the expectations are very high. Amidst high hopes and expectations, the film hit the silver screens today. Here is our opinion on the movie and review:

Lift Man Movie Review:

Movie Name: Lift Man

Language: Kannada

Cast: Sunder Raj, Suresh Heblikar, Sheetal Shetty, Aruna Balraj

Director: Kaaranji Sreedhar

Producer: Ram Nayak

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 12th May 2017

Run Time: 1 hour 41 minutes


Manjunath aka Manjappa ( Sunder Raj ) has been a lift operator for the past 20 years in a government office. In the two decades of his work experience, he has only seen people going in and out and hardly faced any emotions or feelings towards them. Even though he couldn’t relate himself with some people, he built a strong connection with few people. The lift is like a metaphor depicting his life which also goes up and down. The emotions and the relationships of an elevator man will get explained very well.

Cast Performance:

Good human being and great actor marked his 200th screen appearance with Lift Man. Not only this but the other specialty of the movie is Sunder Raj stated that after 42 years of his acting experience, he did a memorable role in the Lift Man. Sunder Raj brought life to the character. Suresh Heblikar, Sunil Puranik, Sheetal Shetty also played significant roles in the movie, and all did their best which supported the film even more.

Technical Team:

Direction by Kaaranji Sreedhar is well done. However the camera work and locations are usual, the movie is good to watch. Music by Praveen Godkindi is outstanding, and the background score made it even more enjoyable to look at the film. The BGM synced with the emotion that is being carried out by the story and the actors. Production values by Ram Nayak under Ram & Co are great. The runtime is somewhat less which seems like the story got wrapped up soon. The lead actor took forward the story single-handedly.

Plus Points:

  • Cast Performance
  • No gritty political drama
  • Human emotions

Minus Points:

  • Pace of narration


Liftman is a well-acted representation of human emotions of a lift man. Some people take a long time to get connected, and some establish a connection immediately. The two-decade life journey of the lift man also portrays the political change in the society too. The story also a CM’s son commitment to his lady love etc. The movie depicts the emotions, feelings, thoughts everything of a human being.


Liftman is a well-narrated story with outstanding performances by the cast. (2.75/5)


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