Level 6 Leadership by Venu Bhagavan @ Vizag on 19th Nov 2016

A Wonderful opportunity for people who are in need of motivation, who want to reach peak levels in their profession and all others who are struggling to overcome their problems in their career ladder.

One of the well-known career development trainer Mr. Venu Bhagavan is conducting Level 6 Leadership event to help people to reach high levels in person as well as in professions.

This event will be Business Breakthrough Session for Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Educationists, Business Persons, Real Estate Builders, Marketing Personal, Human Resource Personal, Startups, Leaders in the organization, Social Leaders, and anyone interested in Leadership to the Level 6 Leadership by Venu Bhagavan.

As the times’ change, our Lives, Careers, and Businesses to change either by default or by design. Whether we like it or not, life/ business slips if we are not for few months or even weeks in realizing who we need to be to create a future we love.

There will be times for learning and there will be times for unlearning and you will not have the luxury of unlearning unless you did earn at the right time. As most of the people either caught in too much LEARNING or too much EARNING will never understand what is LIVING and the experience of being alive by creating a Vision and a Mission for themselves and the Team.

So, I have written a handbook LEVEL 6 LEADERSHIP for the Business/ Social Leaders with summarizing great wisdom by Leadership Gurus and creating enough templates and tools that help you create a future for you and your business.

Alvin Toffler put it “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn.”

About The Author – VENU BHAGAVAN, Speaker, Mentor, Author & Thought Leader.

A well-known author for Personal Development Books written in several languages such as Telugu, English and translated into Kannada. Now authored a book titled LEVEL 6 LEADERSHIP for Telugu Readers especially for Business Owners and Professionals who work with a Team/ People to reinvent their Business and Leadership Style to grow themselves and their organization of small, medium and large sizes.

This is not a book release function but a session on the Subject covered in the book by the author while you are the first few who can Listen in the city of Vizag and have the book in hand to make most of it.

Your investment is TIME as well Rs. 500/- for the book.

The Level 6 Leadership book will be available at www.maanyamart.com also. Last Date for Applying for Level 6 Leadership is on 17/November/2016.

This is an occasion to Get the book and listen to the author on the LEVEL 6 LEADERSHIP book that helps Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Organization Leaders to REIMAGINE and REINVENT THE FUTURE.

Please note that this is a one-time event and will not repeat in the same location.

L6L Event Agenda:

  • 2.00 pm to 2.30 pm – Networking, Attendees Introduction
  • 2.30 pm to 3.00 pm – Introduction of the Book
  • 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm – Session by Venu Bhagavan
  • 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm – Question and answers and High tea.


Level 6 Leadership Saturday,
19th Nov 2016 | 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Visakha Public Library, Dwaraka Nagar, Visakhapatnam,
Andhra Pradesh, India.

More About Venu Bhagavan: https://in.linkedin.com/in/venubhagavan



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