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A new study has discovered that older people who sit for long hours in front of the television and low level of physical activity can have increase chances of having walking disability.The study warns, sitting and watching TV for extended periods of time (mainly in evenings) has got to be one of the most dangerous things that older people can do because they are much more affected to the damages of physical inactivity.

According to Loretta DiPietro from George Washington University,” TV viewing is a very potent risk factor for disability in older age.”

In the study, researchers kept track of both men and women. The participants are between the ages 50 to 71 from six states and two metropolitan areas. The research began in the year 1995, where all the participants were healthy at the study start. The research went on for about 10 years.

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In these 10 years, researchers recorded how much the participants watched TV, exercised or any household works for that matter or any other physical activity. The results of the study found, nearly 30% of the healthy participants reported a mobility disability. The study noted that the members who watched TV more than 5 hours per day showed 65% greater risk of walking disability compared to those who watch less TV.

People who sit for long hours in front of TV and less physical activity as low as 3 hours per week or less were harmful, resulting in an acceleration risk. Those who are not affected are people who are physically active i. E greater than 7 hours per week, total sitting of 6 hours per day or less.

DiPietro said, younger people can get away with sitting for long hours because they are physiologically more robust. He also added, older people who wanted to remain fit must increase their daily physical activity and reduce the amount of time they spend sitting.

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